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Sweeten Spring with Salvia

We love Spring and we can think of so many ways to make it sweet but one of the very best, for many reasons, is to bring Salvia into your garden. Salvias, often referred to as ‘sages’ are actually members of the Mint family. There are so many varieties, all lovely, and all adored by Butterflies, Bees, and Hummingbirds! By bringing Salvia home, you’re adding...
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There’s No Time Like the Present

…and it’s a gift, really.  We can take this point in time to be inspired by Nature and let it guide us in some really cool ways.  We’re thinking about being outside in that great weather and enjoying all the best of this time of year. Some Intentions we’re working on: Grow your own grove!  Adding citrus trees and other fruit trees to your yard will help you eat...
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Gifting a Love Garden

Many years ago, I was a Florida transplant and I met Terri Pinder, who effortlessly turned me on to gardening. She said one sentence that I have repeated so many times, as though my own thought:  gardening is the most equitable thing one can do. It stuck in my head and cajoled me to try to prove it. A couple weeks later, I purchased a beautiful piece of Champa...
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