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Winter Solstice

December has been remarkable in its speed and frenzy (isn’t it always?) but also, for me, it has been remarkable in its wisdom. Yes, it went fast but there were so many ways in which December’s urgency practically begged me to slow down. In the slower moments, I rode around looking at lighted houses, I walked through holiday decorated gardens, I hand-made herbal gifts for...
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Friendly As A Houseplant

Plants that can clean the air are pretty important plants!  Got toxins?…there’s a plant for that.  Really, there is!  We have known for a long time that plants help keep us healthy but in recent years, NASA research has shown that in addition to supplying us with oxygen, house plants can successfully remove toxins like formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, carbon monoxide and more.  These toxins are...
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Oh, Fraser Fir! Oh, Fraser Fir!

Fraser Firs are simply the best trees for a Florida Christmas. These trees are grown sustainably and are selected for GREAT performance, even when subjected to our well-above-freezing temperatures, holding their needles long past Santa’s arrival and departure!  Of course, we handle them as only a nursery will by keeping them well-watered and protected from the elements.  We believe we’re the only nursery that keeps...
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