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Daddy-O’s Gratitude!

Thank you so much for joining us to celebrate the delicious tastes of the tropics!  As we have shared, Daddy-O’s is one of our favorite times of year and you made our 10th Annual so special!  Some of the fun parts of the day are highlighted here as well as some of Chef Kenleigh’s Festival Recipes!        ...
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Vine Time

We say it often- we’re crazy for vines.  They bring so much color and interest and we could collect one of every vine in every color and still look for more.  Vines are unique in that they have a stem that is designed to cling to other plants, trellises, fences and whatever is in their path.  These plants attach in several ways; some by twisting...
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Bulbs are Blooming!

Often, one of the first questions that a transplanted gardener asks us is “do tulips and daffodils grow here?”  They don’t and you’ll only miss them for a little while!  Around here, we have some pretty glorious flowering bulbs that will make you beam!  We’re talking about Amaryllis, Asiatic Lilies, Cannas, Blood Lilies, and the remarkably cool Caladiums that may not flower but sure grab...
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