Resolve to Spend More Quality Time With Someone You Love? Back-Yard Birding is the Perfect Shared Activity!, FEBRUARY 2011

Looking for an adventure the whole family can enjoy together? A way to get your partner up off the sofa? Birding has got to be one of the greatest gifts of living in Florida. And the winter months bring us a particularly wonderful experience.  An activity that can be easily enjoyed from your kitchen window, all you need is a few pointers on how to get started! Join us each Saturday, morning at 10am as we offer our FREE Front Porch Wisdom. This month we will guide you in creating a Back Yard Winter Haven for our migrating feathered friends as they flock to escape the wicked cold. Check out this link to learn how you can help the Audubon Society as a Citizen Scientist in the Great Backyard Bird Count !

Don’t forget to stop in to purchase a week’s supply of bird food for your feeder.  You will find our seed to be exactly what it claims to be: Belly-Bustin’, No-Waste Bird Seed. And our secret recipe is guaranteed to bring all types of birds to your feeder. They eat it up so thoroughly, they leave with bustin’ bellies, and leave no waste behind! It goes so quickly, that there’s none left to attract squirrels or other uninvited guests.