Lettuce Say: The Time to Plant Veggies is Now

Let- Us help build your dream vegetable garden! Did you know that we select and grow every herb and veggie we sell at the nursery? Growing edibles happens to be one of our favorites and we are grateful to share the hows and whys with you! Right now is the time to pick your plants and start your garden so that you will have what you need for the Thanksgiving Holiday! Lettuce is one of the quickest crops, 3 to 4 weeks and you can be picking fresh, tender greens for your salad when you plant our 4 packs.

Cut and Come Again leaf lettuces are the best type to grow.  They have the most nutrition and the leaves can be picked before the whole plant is mature.  They are also more heat tolerant and and can be planted in the warmer months like September and also March through April.  We have had a lot of success planting leaf lettuces from October through February.  Lettuce wants to be kept moist at all times.  If the lettuce plants dry down too many times, this can cause the leaves to become bitter.  Plants that are not cut and enjoyed regularly will begin to flower, this is when the stalk springs up from the center, and this can also cause the lettuce to taste bitter.

As far as pests go, caterpillars are lettuce’s worst enemy and can be controlled with an organic product containing Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) which is a soil borne bacteria. Neem, also organic, will control most other issues.  Both of these can be sprayed on plants, either in the early morning or late in the afternoon, but should be used on different days.

The secret for success in lettuce growing is to plant, water, fertilize and eat!  Not a bad recipe, right?  Lettuce is one of the easiest crops and also the quickest.

The varieties we have ready are:
Tropicana- Heat tolerant and a very heavy leaf (green)
Romaine- Green large leaves
Romaine Red- Red leaves
Salad Bowl Red- Red frilly leaves
Buttercrunch- Green leaves with a buttery flavor
Deer Tongue- Green leaves
Magenta- Red and green leaves

If you’re new to veggie gardening, lettuce is a fantastic option for you!  Come see us and we can help you find the perfect 4-pack that will ensure you’re serving garden fresh salad by the end of the month!