Spring’s In the Air!

Herbs and edibles are a great way to prepare for Spring!  You know how to use parsley, cilantro, dill, and basil, but have you ever grown and used Scented Geraniums?  Scented Geraniums have pretty, fragrant leaves and most have small flowers.  They are lovely and useful and fun to grow!  Many have scents that are reminiscent of other plants like rose or citrus or apple.  Here, we can grow these outdoors all year.  They need adequate drainage, at least partial sun, and like to be dry on the surface of the soil between waterings.  Like other geraniums, they do not like to have “wet feet.”
We like to plant ours near a seating area in the garden so that we can rub against them when we go outside for meals or to sit and relax.  Rubbing against them releases their fragrances and they are soooo enjoyable!
Try any or all of the varieties we have now:
Fragrans-Nutmeg (spicy like nutmeg)
Concord Lace (a slightly nutty scent/flavor)
Attar of Rose (a rose scented beauty)
Lady Plymouth (a minty-rose scent/flavor)
Citriodorum (lemon scent/flavor)
These Geraniums can be used to keep insects away when we move towards bug season!  They can be used to make compound butters, breads, and flavored sugars.  They can be dried for potpourris, which make great gifts!
You can flavor sugar by layering sugar and any of the leaves in a jar for 3 to 4 weeks.  You can then remove the leaves by pouring the contents of the jar through a sieve or strainer and retaining the sugar for use in teas or desserts.  So sweet (intentional pun.)
We’re big Geranium fans and we will help you find success with these textural, versatile beauties!