It’s a great time to start your strawberry garden on the Treasure Coast. Plants will fruit through April with lots of red juicy fruit picked from your very own garden.  Plant in Marvin’s Magic Mix in full sun and watch them grow.  Two to three plants in at least a 12” pot.  Most strawberry plants will shoot off runners and create new plants.  Most gardeners prefer to plant strawberries in containers and let the fruit develop hanging over the pot. Keep moist and fertilize once a month with 8-0- 12.  You’ll be eating in a matter of weeks. Varieties we carry are:

Florida Radiance. Developed by University of Florida (GO GATORS!), this strawberry plant is large and bears large heavy red berries.  Has white flowers.

Deliz. A compact white-flowered strawberry with medium size conical shaped fruit. Sweet.

Milan. A vigorous , heavy producer of midsize fruit with white flowers.

Merlan. Pink flowers on a compact plant with midsize fruit.

Toscano. A Fleurostar award winner, this strawberry produces deep rose flowers with abundant midsize fruit.

We have a lot of plants to start you planting and picking!  We are running a special on these great plants. 5 5”pots for $12.49!  Your strawberry field awaits!