Sweet Sapodilly

It tastes like brown sugar!!!  Sapodilla has many names depending upon what island or country you are in. Marvin knew it as ‘dilly as a kid and he would climb the trees to pick the tree-ripened fruit. This tree is a slow grower but has a dense, dark green canopy and will grow well in most soils.  It can also be used as a border tree and can be pruned periodically to maintain its height.  The sap of this fruit was the first known chewing gum, it was called Chicle in Mexico thousands of years ago.  In addition to Sapodilla’s drought-, salt-, and wind-tolerance, it tolerates temperatures into the low 20’s.
We have grafted trees in a few different varieties at the nursery.  You will not regret growing Sapodilla in your yard! Because you can pick and eat the delicious fruit right off the tree, it is a sweet addition to any edible landscape!