Sweeten Spring with Salvia

We love Spring and we can think of so many ways to make it sweet but one of the very best, for many reasons, is to bring Salvia into your garden. Salvias, often referred to as ‘sages’ are actually members of the Mint family. There are so many varieties, all lovely, and all adored by Butterflies, Bees, and Hummingbirds! By bringing Salvia home, you’re adding a lure for wildlife! Most varieties of Salvia are happy to dry down between waterings. Most can be planted in part-sun or sunny locations in your garden. If they look a little tired mid-summer they can be cut back and they will flush out beautifully! Bring some home and Spring will flutter and flit through your yard and jump from Salvia to Salvia and you’ll bask in the Springness of it all.