These Times

I may not be alone when I confess to finding more stress in the world today than I did when I first began my gardening adventures back in 2005.  Since then I have come back to the garden for fuel, meditation, beauty, and all forms of stress reduction.  Having a dual purpose (creation of a peaceful outdoor space and ease from overwhelm) has always helped me to make time for upkeep, to work hard and to follow through.

Currently, it is cloudy winter weather where I am in New England and my purpose has to do with stress relief more than it has anything to do with the outdoors.  We just started a small indoor garden ledge.  I bought a ponytail palm and was reminded of Palm City, which instantly made me smile.  My three year old put some faeries around the base and the sun even came out.  This little act of gardening went a long way in our house and we will continue to add to it.  If gardening works this way for you, sink your hands deep. Today.  Don’t wait until your heart is more consumed with the stress of the news.  Sow seeds, harvest veggies, call faeries, build birdhouses, plant hibiscus, line your sills with violets and make your headspace feel better.

I know you know this, gardener, but in case you need the reminder, IT REALLY WORKS.

Gardening reduces physical stress, improves mental health, increases flexibility, and keeps your mind sharp.  It’s all good.  🙂