Vine Time

We say it often- we’re crazy for vines.  They bring so much color and interest and we could collect one of every vine in every color and still look for more.  Vines are unique in that they have a stem that is designed to cling to other plants, trellises, fences and whatever is in their path.  These plants attach in several ways; some by twisting around other objects, and some by attaching with tentacles.  Vines have evolved mostly from the rain forest floors where they attached themselves to trees to climb to the top where there was abundant light. For survival, it was all about how much light they could access, the more light, the stronger the plant, imagine how competitive it is for a plant there!

In our gardens, these vines seek higher ground, they can be used to climb over a trellis travel across a pergola, stretch along a fence or arbor or entwine with other plants.  They can be great fillers for walls, fences and some vines also support native butterfly larva.  Many of these vines display a variety of colors from red to blue to yellow and all colors in between.  These vines are some of the most remarkable eye candy the garden brings!

Calling all hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees! Native Coral Honeysuckle is showing off these pretty tubular flowers now that it is warm.

Thryallis Vine is a woody vine with delicate yellow flowers and shiny leaves.

Another darling Thunbergia, Black Eyed Suzy Vine is a tender vine that can wrap around stakes or act as a ground cover.

Blue Passion is a great larval food for passion butterflies like Zebra Longwings

Pipe VIne always has people talking. It is so unique and odd and it is another larval food.

Red Mandevilla is a true red that we love to pair with purples and yellows.

Garlic Vine has leaves that smell like garlic and pale purple trumpet flowers.

This red Chinese Hat vine grows very erect and likes to climb up. It will bloom into Fall.

Pink Mandevilla loves heat and sun.

Apricot Mandevilla is another woody mandevilla that provides true tropical beauty.

Rangoon Creeper is one of thee most delightfully fragrant vines! Give her a strong support because she stretches with lovely white, pink and red flowers all dripping down looking exquisite.

Blue Sky Vine! This Thunbergia is our best -selling vine with remarkably blue flowers that will fill your hand! It grows abundantly!