Winter Solstice

December has been remarkable in its speed and frenzy (isn’t it always?) but also, for me, it has been remarkable in its wisdom. Yes, it went fast but there were so many ways in which December’s urgency practically begged me to slow down. In the slower moments, I rode around looking at lighted houses, I walked through holiday decorated gardens, I hand-made herbal gifts for friends, and I created a plan to review the year we’re packing away. I released some of what won’t serve me in the year we will soon welcome. The Winter Solstice is Saturday- this marks an appealing point in the calendar to pause and make some choices about what we want to dream from here forward. As Winter Solstice brings us the shortest day of the year, and the longest night, we have to find a little more faith within to believe that the darkness will pass and we’ll see another sunrise. When it does pass, we’ll be adding a bit more daylight every day! The sweet symbolism of rebirth associated with this turning comes from the view of the sun being “reborn” in the sky after that long, long night. I love this moment in the natural calendar when we have to draw inward to find faith to move through the still darkness. We can celebrate our own renewal by setting intentions for the coming year, or by spending time in our moonlit garden or maybe by hanging popcorn garlands on a tree for birds to eat in the morning. Perhaps turn off the lights and sit before your lit tree or some flickering candles and find a little of December’s wisdom before December’s gone. Happy Solstice!