Well there is no doubt in anybody’s mind anymore-Spring has finally arrived! And it is official too! That’s right; last Saturday was the vernal equinox, the official first day of spring.  Did you take note of where the shadows fell? This is the half-way point in the sun’s march back to the top of the sky from its low-lying winter home in the southern sky. From now until June 21st, the sun’s rays will hit our soils more directly each day–warming the cockles of the good Earth’s heart, and encouraging sprouts of new growth.

What does that mean for you? It means it is time to schedule a weekend in the garden!  I often explain to folks that no matter how “low-maintenance” your garden is, you will still need to spend about 3 weekends a year doing routine chores. It’s time now for the spring cleanup, and I have given you a “Spring Check List” to help you organize your tasks.

It also means that you will find yourself drawn to your outdoor space, dreaming of its potential as your own private oasis. Well we have what you need there too. Read on about the Secret Garden Tour and the Garden Expo–great sources of inspiration and plant material.

See You in the Garden,