I love the lessons I learn from the garden. Each season brings another set of tasks to be done in anticipation of what the next season can hold, while all the while having to contend with the consequences of the previous season. For us this summer that means we need to look forward to a fall season full of possibility, while recognizing that we are still dealing with the outcomes of the coldest-longest winter on record in Florida.

It is in the spirit of this lesson, and as a blessed act of surrender to Mother Nature, that we regrettable must announce that we are going to re-schedule Daddy-O’s Second Annual Tropical Fruit Festival for Saturday, July 17th!  Fact is, after that winter, right now there simply is no fruit to be had as of yet. Not a Mango or Lychee to be found! We would rather wait until July, and have some goodies to share. Even then, we expect supply will be short.