Summertime Q&A

We recently asked Marvin, our grower and very favorite plantsman, some timely and oft-asked questions.  Read on to discover some helpful tips and answers that are certain to guide you through the remainder of Summer.

Q:  These frequent rainstorms have caused some of my plants to get slimy near the base.  The lower part of the plant and the soil don’t get enough time to dry off.  What do I do about this?  

A:  If your irrigation is on, cut it off during wet times. Clean all dead or diseased parts of the plant and treat with a fungicide like Fung-onil (for leaves and stems).    

Q:  I have some vines that are going wild right now.  If I cut them back really hard, when can I expect them to flush out?  

A:  This is a great time to hard cut vines and many other plants.  Most plants respond really well to a hard cut this time of year and flush out with new growth quickly.  We recommend feeding when you prune, however since we are under the fertilizer ban until September 30th, waiting to feed is necessary.  Feed in the Fall.    

Q:  What is your favorite product for treating for pests?  (especially whitefly)  

A:  Neem oil and soaps work great as an organic treatment, but you must cover the plant entirely and plan  to repeat the application a few times.  Stop by and we will help in selecting the right product for the plant and the disease or pest. 

Q:  I am tired and don’t have the energy to do too much in this heat.  What’s the most important thing I can do now to make my garden thrive come fall? 

A:   At least a light pruning of your plants, as much weeding as you can tolerate, and mulch for weed prevention.  And don’t forget to solarize!