Tropical Bromeliads Tips

This is the time of year that most bromeliads are coming into bloom. The Neoregelias first color up at the center leaves and then most often produce small blue flowers in the center cup. The blooming period often lasts 2 to 3 months.

Question:  How much water and fertilizer do bromeliads need?

Most bromeliads like their roots to be moist and their center cups full of water. Typically, watering them once a week will create a beautiful clump and in most of the year our regular rainfall will be adequate.  Spring and early Summer are our driest times of the year so watch them then; if it rains you can skip the watering.

Bromeliads are very low fertilizer users and can be fertilized once a year with a 100% slow release product. We use 14-14-14 as a standard fertilizer at the nursery.  Apply the fertilizer sparingly around the base of the plant any time of the year and never fertilize in the plant’s center cup.  Fertilizing more often or heavily feeding will make the plant green up and you will sacrifice the vibrant colors.

Copper should be avoided at all costs.  Copper is typically used as a fungicide for treating fruit trees. Copper will kill your bromeliads.  Don’t plant bromeliads under citrus or tropical fruit trees if you are going to use copper as a fungicide.  Mounting bromeliads to pressure-treated wood should also be avoided.

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