This Full Moon Draws Our Focus Back to The Routines of Life, But Don’t Stop Dreaming!

As folks who work the earth, our family has come to recognize the subtle changes in our surroundings that come with each passing full moon. Perhaps you have learned to notice these changes too. Did you notice last week how the light was different– more golden than white? Did you feel the coolness that has seeped into the evening air? If you haven’t seen these things, promise yourself that tonight you will pay attention.

Native Americans named each full moon of the year, a tradition that reminded all of the cycles of nature. This August moon is known as the “Green Corn” or “Silk Corn” Moon because the corn crop is just getting to the point where the silk is floating on the breeze, picking up pollen and drawing that fertile substance down it’s silky shaft to the individual grain of corn that is feeds. (A truly amazing process, learn more here ). But for me, I like to think of the August Moon the way the fishing tribes of the Great Lakes Region did, as the “Sturgeon Moon”. For them, it was a call to the lakes to stock up resources for the coming winter. For me it is a reminder that the August moon appears in our sky within the constellation of Pisces, the watery sign of dreamers. I always try to remember to hold on to the dreams and hopes that arise from the relaxed and vibrant state of summer, especially when things like Labor Day & Back to School are calling us to focus instead on the work at hand. But no work should ever be done without the aim of achieving your dreams. (If you click on the moon image above, you will land on a cool page that offers you a monthly opportunity to dream with every full moon).

Marvin & I received an auspicious gift on the full moon this week– a stone from the Great Lakes region from our assistant grower Holly. She had returned to her home on the U.P. to celebrate her marriage to her soul mate, and came back with this gift for us! It is an amazing fossilized coral called a petoskey stone that is unique to that region. Because of the eye shape of the coral formation, this stone is believed to enhance one’s awareness–to see the world around them and be aware of your own relationship to it.  It is also said to be a powerful healing tool with the ability to channel love. Sounds like a recipe for dreams to me! Stop by to see and hold our petosky stone, and to wish Holly much joy in her marriage.

Unique to our region is the Caladium Festival happening this weekend, August 28 & 29 in Lake Placid. Did you know that Lake Placid is the Caladium Capital of the World? In honor of this festival we are giving away caladiums this weekend! For each purchase of $35 or more, help yourself to up to 6 caladiums to plant in your own garden. I love to plant Caladiums around the Vernal & Autumnal Equinox because these true perennials of Florida will fade as the days get short, but come spring they emerge from the awakening earth as reminder that the seasons are shifting again.

As we think about our own regional specialties, and as we re-join our school friends, as neighbors return from summer vacation, we are reminded of the power of community. You all know I am a big fan of the notion of Community as a means to solve much of world’s ills. Check out the information on the 3/50 Project as a means of supporting our local economic community.

As I turn my attention to the garden at this Sturgeon Moon I am struck by the beauty of our Florida Native Plants at this time, so read on to learn more about selecting natives that are right for your space. You’ll also find details about the sale we are currently running on our native plants. In this newsletter, I also give you a few pointers on what garden work needs to be done as we shift from summer to fall here in zone 10, introduce our NEW seed line from Botanical Interests, and offer the details of our Mulch Sale. We have also brought back the 3-for-$10 special pricing on select perennials for the next two weeks.

I look forward to seeing you soon, terri