Friendly As A Houseplant

Plants that can clean the air are pretty important plants!  Got toxins?…there’s a plant for that.  Really, there is!  We have known for a long time that plants help keep us healthy but in recent years, NASA research has shown that in addition to supplying us with oxygen, house plants can successfully remove toxins like formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, carbon monoxide and more.  These toxins are found in old and new homes and they find their way there in spite of our best efforts.  Formaldehyde is found in carpeting.  Ammonia and benzene are found in plastics, and the list goes on.  But, we’re gardeners, and gardeners look on the bright side, right?!  And, the bright side here is the help some of our favorite plants bring!  Stop in the shop for a handout that will make you want to fill your home with Pothos, and Peace Lily, and Dracaena, and Spider plants and more!

The list of lovable houseplants is so strikingly long. Here are some of the best.

Some of the plants that best remove formaldehyde are Philodendron, Spider Plant, English Ivy, Golden Pothos, Chinese Evergreen, Rubber Plant, and Dracaena Marginata.

Calathea makes a great indoor plant in moist air like a bathroom or patio.  It is beautiful with a glossy green front and deep purple underside.  Calathea pulls many toxins from the air.

Anthurium is so pretty indoors!  It brings a punch of color and interest and absorbs ammonia and formaldehyde.  Place in an area that receives filtered sunlight to keep it blooming!

Aglaonema, or Chinese Evergreen, is a very resilient (I can attest to that!) houseplant.  It is adaptable and will grow and stay lovely indoors.  It is great at removing chemicals like volatile organic compounds from our air.  

Houseplants improve the look of an indoor space and help you thrive! Is there anything friendlier?