Don’t give up on your veggies!

I’ve been struggling with some of my veggies. As I mentioned I killed the zucchini plant as it’s NOT a vine and I tried to make it go up a trellis. Although I sprayed all the plants for mold and insect problems my cucumber plant’s lower section looks like a hot mess of disease, which to me spells trouble and death. However I took some photos of my plants and showed them to Marvin and he said

‘nope they look ok. just respray them and give them some fertilizer’

so that is going to be my plan for Thursday. I’ve also been self pollinating the cucumber flowers to encourage fruit growth and I do believe that I am seeing signs of fruit.

I was also worried about the kabob tomatoes not getting red.. because they fruited early on.. but they’ve been green for a couple of weeks. Again Marvin said that is normal and that it will take a few more weeks to get red. I’ve only grown the smaller varieties in the past.. cherry and grape.. so those are more instant gratification types.

Did you know you should only use the very bottom part of the garlic chives and lemon grass plants? I had pulled some of my garlic chives one day and tasted it and I thought it tasted like grass! (kind of looks like grass) but Terri told me to focus on the bottom of the stalk when you pick/cut and then to use in food.

I noticed when getting some basil for a breakfast pizza on Saturday that I saw signs of iron deficency, which Terri talked about in this blog post.

I’m happy to say that ALL my lettuces are doing swimmingly and I just planted some more, so we will be having lots of salads at home. Look for the latest newsletter that has the recipe for chicken-broccoli-ca which looks really yummy and will use some of the Bok Choy I’ve been scared to use.