Pests, Death and Fruiting … lessons from a newbie

ok.. so.. I was SO excited planting my new baby plants! Then a few weeks ago BAM! disease and pests! BAh….

so I talked to Terri and asked what to do..

For the pests and she told me to use Hi Yield and Garden-ville’s Potassium Bicarbonate for the mold issue. Now don’t use them TOGETHER, use one and then use the other.

Of course that seems easy peesy right? Well… evidently the sprayer container attachment for my hose is not very newbie friendly and didn’t really explain itself much, so I don’t think I did it correctly. Low and behold I come in this week and talked to Marvin about it. He showed me how to use the sprayer. Make sure you look at the side of the mixing container and only fill with water to the lines marked on the side (1G, 2G etc..) the hose will spray additional water along with the uptake of water from the inside.

You will spray one control solution all over the plants, let dry and then you can make additional solutions and spray if needed. I’ll need to redo mine since I didn’t do it correctly the first time.

My carrots are really bushy and I have some tomatoes! Which I’m

super excited about. I also have some bush beans coming in.

Another thing I learned this week was that sometimes you need to self pollinate your veg plants. My cucumbers looked like they were starting to produce fruit.. but no.. that’s what the females look like when they are trying to make fruit.. if they don’t get pollinated they will not grow the cucumber. If you need to self pollinate look for the flowers on the lower area of the plant with the pointy thing in the middle of the flower. There will be no ‘fake’ cucumber behind it. Gently pluck that flower and bend back the flower part and rub the pointy end inside the the female flower. Yeah.. you know.. sex in the garden 😉

I went to do that yesterday and only had 2 females left to pollinate and was worried there would be no more.. Marvin has assured me that as long as there is new growth on top there will be more for me to pollinate soon. 🙂

My blue basil has formed a flower stalk which has now started to

flower since this photo was taken. This should attract bees into the garden to help me with the pollination process.

I’m sad to say there was a death in my garden. Unfortunately I didn’t realize that zucchini plants are NOT viney.. the area I planted them in was next to the carrots and they were overtaking the carrots. So I was worried and used some plant tape to help them go up the trellis they were next to. That was a BAD idea… they died within days. Again I came in sad face and asked Marvin what I did wrong.. he let me know that I should have planted them in their own container and they would get a bit bushy and then fall over the sides of the container. So I will need to redo my zucchini and try it with new plants in a higher container of their own.

I’m happy things are growing and that I have learned new lessons in order to help everyone else out there who may be floundering about wondering why the heck it’s not working right. 🙂 I would love to know about some of the things you are having problems with as well, so comment below 🙂