Geraniums For Your Zone 10 Garden

Geraniums are one of the best bedding plants you could choose for South Florida. And we make it our business to choose the best geraniums for your use. Well suited to windy, dry and high light environments, geraniums’ exceptional salt tolerance make them a particularly good choice for coastal plantings. They are also terrific in containers of any size.


Some folks are concerned with what they fear is a maintenance nightmare in dead-heading.  The fact is, when you source your geraniums with us, you are getting cultivars that have proven to be longstanding in their bloom—holding petals longer than the competition.  This “shatter-resistance” reduces maintenance demands and prevents disease caused by decaying petals on the foliage. A Zonal Geranium can’t be a Pinder’s Zonal Geranium unless is proves its “shatter-resistance”.

While “shatter-resistance” is important, it is only one consideration of many that Marvin employs while evaluating zonal geraniums for his line-up.  His 35 years of growing zonal geraniums for South Florida landscapes, has taught him a thing or two about what works. That experience coupled with Marvin’s natural ability as a plantsman to root in almost any-living-thing, is why the most respected Landscape Professionals have come to rely on Marvin’s   “Grown Local, Grown Responsible”  recipe for success in the landscapes they create.

Outside of shatter resistance, Geranium selection has less to do with garden performance than production techniques. Our methods of water treatment, soil science and environmental controls result in healthy plants that will quickly settle into your garden.  But for all his commitment to science, it is ultimately Marvin’s uncanny ability to finesse a finicky geranium cutting into the bedding plant you depend on that is most remarkable.

We offer  a palette of  the most sought after colors including the local favorite salmon hues  that pop against our backdrop of aqua seas, fascinating novelty colors and of course the traditional favorite, red. And rest assured when you source your color through Pinder’s, we will be there with a continued supply for your late season replacements.

The consistent and upright habit of the Zonal Geranium not only makes it the star in the landscape, but it’s is equally well suited to containerized patio and balcony gardens and pot-scaping designs.  But we also offer a selection of Brocade and Ivy-Type geraniums that are also great container companions.

In a damp winter such as we are having this year, consider Geraniums for those high wind areas, raised beds and other locations with steady cross breeze.  Remember to water your geraniums before dinner, like a diaper-clad baby, they should never be put to bed wet!  If you begin to notice browning wet leaves, or grey fuzzy deposits, you may be encountering mildew, a particular concern in damp cool temperatures.  Pay attention to sanitation, removing infected plant parts (being careful not to spread the spores that move like a cloud of dust). Then apply Serenade or other product containing the beneficial microbe, Bacillus subtilis. This organism makes a meal out of fungus, and eats bacteria for desert.  An OMRI listed organic solution, Serenade can be used as a preventative as well. Other organic approaches to disease control include Neem Oil and Potassium Bicarbonate.

Consider purchasing one-gallon geraniums if you are not amending the bed where they will be planted.  That way you are getting an extra shot of Marvin’s Magic Mix with each plant. Marvin’s soil contains another beneficial microbe shown to reduce the incidence of fungal and bacterial disease, a strain of Streptomyces.

You will be amazed at how well your geraniums will thrive-often right on through our tough summers!