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A Très Tropical Retreat

Your version of ‘tropical’ may take you to a lounge poolside; to a densely canopied rainforest; or to a breezy island getaway. I’d follow to all three, to be honest!  Here in nearly South Florida, we can create any of these vacation-like settings with the help of Tropical plants. From Heliconia, to Ground Orchids, to Mussaenda, our tropical favorites dig it here! I have a...
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We Love the Sun!

Sometimes we want to hide from it and we curse its scorch but we have to be grateful for the help the Sun lends when we’re trying to save ourselves the trouble of chemicals like pesticides and herbicides.  Soil Solarization uses the power of the July and August sun to heat your garden and manage pests and weeds.  It can work really well if you...
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Blackberry Picking!

Blackberries remind me of pick-your-own adventures from childhood.  The stained baskets and hands we left the berry farms with and the delicious desserts made with blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries are all very sweet juicy memories.  My favorite jam to this day is Blackberry Jam. How great would it be to grow and pick your own yummy berries?  They usually fruit in May and June, the...
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