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Food For Your Garden: The Basics

Why feed your garden?  Fertilizer adds missing nutrients to your soil and your lovely plants take the nutrients up to grow, bloom, and keep green.  When you review the label on a bag of fertilizer, you will notice 3 numbers.  These numbers represent the amount of three major elements that plants need.  The first number is for Nitrogen (N), the middle number is for Phosphorus...
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A Très Tropical Retreat

Your version of ‘tropical’ may take you to a lounge poolside; to a densely canopied rainforest; or to a breezy island getaway. I’d follow to all three, to be honest!  Here in nearly South Florida, we can create any of these vacation-like settings with the help of Tropical plants. From Heliconia, to Ground Orchids, to Mussaenda, our tropical favorites dig it here! I have a...
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