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Tropical Fruit Faves- Lychee

The lychee is one of the most delicious dooryard fruits that you can grow in South Florida.  One of our family’s favorite trips is to Homestead in early June to find the fruit.  The tree is a fairly slow grower but can make a beautiful small shade tree in full sun.  Plant in a well-drained area and fertilize lightly until the tree becomes established. This...
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A Container Garden for Mom

A mixed container garden planted by you will make your mom or your aunt or your grandma (or anyone at all!) so happy and being creative with your hands in the soil feels pretty great for you.  Here are some tips and ideas for making something unforgettable for the mom you love! Find a pot in your garage or select a new pot with holes...
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Discover Florida Natives

Florida Native Plants have evolved over time in reliance on the soil, rainfall, and climate specific to our area.  They naturally provide habitat and food for native birds, animals, and insects.  Because Native Plants are accustomed to our local weather conditions, they thrive with the least amount of care, and help us use less resources to keep them growing.  How Earth-Friendly is that? When landscaping...
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