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Discover Florida Natives

Florida Native Plants have evolved over time in reliance on the soil, rainfall, and climate specific to our area.  They naturally provide habitat and food for native birds, animals, and insects.  Because Native Plants are accustomed to our local weather conditions, they thrive with the least amount of care, and help us use less resources to keep them growing.  How Earth-Friendly is that? When landscaping...
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Nothing Like a Butterfly!

Click here to see a Butterfly emerge! Since opening the Garden Center in 2006, we have absolutely loved helping you discover how to fill your backyard garden with the color and magic of butterflies!  In addition to all the physical wonder and movement that butterflies bring, there are so many crazy cool things about them!  Take a look at this list of just a handful...
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Spring Cordylines

Add some interest and color with Cordylines!  They bring vibrant tropical color to your garden or landscape!  Think bronze, wine, pink, dark and lime greens.  They are also known as Hawaiian Ti Plants (pronounced like a cup of tea) and in The Hawaiian Islands, where you’ll find so many, they are considered lucky.  These pretty foliage plants provide flair!  They dazzle when the sun catches...
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