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Wow, Bromeliads!

Looking for low-impact landscaping that adds color and drama to your garden design?  Look at the WOW FACTOR you can achieve with a collection of Bromeliads!  What’s especially cool about these epiphytic phenoms is that you can select varieties to fit most any micro-climate in your yard, and they require little to no effort on your part to maintain! The trick is to lean on...
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To My Dearest, on Valentine’s Day

How I adore the way you look at me after we’ve spent time together! Sometimes with slight disapproval, but I know you well enough to know that it is simply because you truly care how I am faring and blame yourself if I look less than groomed.  Give yourself a break!  You are exactly the gardener I want you to be, please know that.  Your...
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The Places We’ll Go

The cooler season here makes for a fantastic time to explore.  Take a weekend day to visit a botanical garden you have never been to, or one you have been thinking of since your last visit.  Exploring alone is golden, bringing the family is fun; and walking hand in hand with your sweetheart c’est très romantique!  You might even run into us along the way. ...
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