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We’re All About Veggie Gardening

What’s so wonderful about growing veggies at home? It is Creativity-Inspiring Regardless of your space situation, you can always find room for a few prolific plants. This is true even if you live in a townhome or have only a small patio.  After all, gardeners are very creative people.  Containers and hanging baskets can be used wisely in these situations.  Home veggie gardening can be...
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A Resolution to Garden (for our health!)

In addition to excellent exercise, check out these other amazing benefits that gardening offers us! Mental health: A study by Texas A & M and University of Texas shows that people who garden score higher on how they rate their “zest for life.” Tending to a garden gives us something to nurture and watch grow and then often rewards us with flowers and food. Bone...
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Shop Like Santa

Some of you may know this and it may be news to others: Your Friends in the Garden have picked up a great deal of information on plants and all things garden from Marvin and Terri through the years and from experience in our own gardens, but we have all also learned a lot from garden gnomes and faeries. If you’ve shopped with us, you’ve...
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