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Creating a Refreshment Garden, From Kisti

Summer, it happens every year, and while there are so many wonderful things about it, it comes with a terrifically tough contender. The Summer heat!  So great at tiring us out, aggravating us, keeping us indoors, BUT also at giving us a great reason for seeking refreshment! Why not arm yourself against the heat of Summer with a Refreshment Garden and an arsenal of sippable...
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If You Plant It, They Won’t Come: Plants to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Memorial Day marked the unofficial start of Summer, which truly begins with the Solstice on June 21st. Summer makes me think of watermelon, corn-on-the-cob, sand in my shoes, and evenings on the patio after the sun gives us a break from the day’s heat. Summer also makes me think of mosquitoes and they certainly don’t make my Summer plans for sitting in the patio after...
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Tropical Bromeliads Tips

This is the time of year that most bromeliads are coming into bloom. The Neoregelias first color up at the center leaves and then most often produce small blue flowers in the center cup. The blooming period often lasts 2 to 3 months. Question:  How much water and fertilizer do bromeliads need? Most bromeliads like their roots to be moist and their center cups full...
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