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My Butterfly Brain

As many of you know, my history with Pinder’s Nursery is a rich one. I met Terri Pinder in 2005, as a brand new transplant from western Massachusetts. She was the most enthusiastic person I had ever been in the same room with and she laughed at all my jokes and she loved Nature. There are nearly 20 years between us but we became fast...
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The Magic of a Moon Garden

Why not bring a little more moonlight into your life this year?  Most of us work and don’t have the opportunity to spend too much time in our gardens during the week.  On the weekends, we may schedule time to work in the garden, but it can fall between many other scheduled tasks.  If this sounds like your arrangement with your garden, consider inviting the...
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The Perfect Fraser for You

You’ll know it when you see it! Choose your “just right” tree from among our large selection of North Carolina Fraser Firs. Why Fraser? Fraser Firs are simply the best trees for a Florida Christmas. These trees are grown sustainably and are selected for GREAT performance, even when subjected to our well-above-freezing temperatures, holding their needles long past Santa’s entrance and exit!  Of course, we...
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