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Caring for A Holiday Favorite

Poinsettias will be available this weekend! This Euphorbia (be careful of the sap as it can be irritating) can be enjoyed indoors as a centerpiece or on the patio as a decoration and then it can be moved to your garden! That’s a pretty cool feature of living in Florida- we don’t have to trash these beautiful plants after the season is over. Discover our...
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Hummingbird Lures

If you’d like to experience the sweet joy of watching nature’s tiniest birds move unbelievably fast through your garden, you’ll want to add a few lures designed to make your yard one of their favorite stops. In addition to planting some of their favorite nectar sources like Red Shrimp Plant, any and all Salvias, Powderpuff, and Cuphea, add feeders to your garden. Because the color...
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Creepy Garden Favorites

Halloween is on the way and this holiday puts a spotlight (or a shadow) on some of the spooky, quirky, cool plants we can decorate with! These are a few of the creepy plants that serve to stir up conversation all over the garden! Carnivorous plants, like Sarracenia, or pitcher plants, certainly bring the fear factor! They are interesting and odd and when we have them in the shop,...
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