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Tropical Bromeliads Tips

This is the time of year that most bromeliads are coming into bloom. The Neoregelias first color up at the center leaves and then most often produce small blue flowers in the center cup. The blooming period often lasts 2 to 3 months. Question:  How much water and fertilizer do bromeliads need? Most bromeliads like their roots to be moist and their center cups full...
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Culinary Herbs for Warm Weather, Part Two

Perennial herbs flourish during Summer in Florida.  Last week’s article ended with quick-growing, flavorful Mints and this week we will begin with the Mediterranean must-have, Oregano. Oregano.  A recognizable flavor when used in any dish. Italian is the traditional oregano and ‘Hot and Spicy’ has a little get-up-and-go flavor. The Variegated Cuban or Tropical Oregano looks completely different with large leaves that can be easily...
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Perennial Culinary Herbs for Warm Weather, Part One

Herbs are the flavor of our food.  When you’re next at the garden center, rub your hands through the rosemary or your favorite herb and take a great big whiff, that fresh scent will change your mood. We will share our best tips for growing herbs and help you to discover which will make it through the hottest months so that when Summer arrives your...
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