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The Great Southern White Butterfly

Last year in May, Terri and I were riding our bikes along A1A north of Jensen Beach and we were chased by 6 or 7 Great Southern White Butterflies for several hundred feet. It was amazing that they could actually keep up with us!  The St. Lucie County Parks are the best areas with their natural vegetation to observe these fast fliers. The Great Whites...
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Cassia Butterflies

You can see them coming from a distance, flying erratically from side to side with their bright yellow wings. These are the Sulfur butterflies that are not as common as the Gulf Fritillary or Monarchs but are so special to watch.  The Clouded is the most common in Florida and can be seen throughout the year.  Other Sulfurs are the Orange, Giant Orange and the...
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Rediscovering Spring, From: Kisti

I have lived in Florida on and off since 2001, and consistently since 2005, so I have nearly forgotten the signs of Spring that excited and inspired me in Massachusetts.  In Florida, it’s about color, abundant, striking color– color that you don’t have to wait to see pop out of the ground in quite the same way!  One day my garden has the Winter blues...
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