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Rediscovering Spring, From: Kisti

I have lived in Florida on and off since 2001, and consistently since 2005, so I have nearly forgotten the signs of Spring that excited and inspired me in Massachusetts.  In Florida, it’s about color, abundant, striking color– color that you don’t have to wait to see pop out of the ground in quite the same way!  One day my garden has the Winter blues...
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Passion Vine Butterflies

May brings us flowers and Butterflies in all shapes and colors. Zebra Longwings (our State butterfly), Gulf Fritillary and the Julia are Butterflies that feed only on passion vines and are the most abundant butterfly in this area.  All three adults feed on nectar but the Zebra and Julia also feed on pollen and scientists believe the pollen enables the adult to live for up...
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Bring On the Butterflies!

One of my favorite places to be this time of year is in my backyard watching the Zebra Longwings dance through the pine stand; just floating through the air like little fairies.  It’s a great stress reliever.  As the temperatures rise to 70+ degrees, butterflies become mobile and begin their Spring activities of mating, laying eggs, and being born again.  The word butterfly originated with...
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