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Veggie-A-Week#2 Cool Crops- Brassica

From: Marvin It is time to plant your cool season crops.   Growing up, we always had a garden. The best garden was the one that would grow in the winter where the broccoli and cauliflower would get so big that I could crawl around under the leaves without anybody seeing me!  I thought of it as my own secret place that nobody would come, especially...
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Bring a Hummingbird Home

You may remember that a couple weeks ago, we told you that the garden center has become home to a pair of hummingbirds that Ann Marie has named Flash and Dash. They’re so quick and fun to follow! You can have these mystical creatures in your garden this time of year. You have to slow down and watch for them because they are so small...
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Veggie-A-Week #1 Leafy, Lovely Lettuce

From: Marvin “Knock, Knock!” “Who’s there?” “Lettuce.” “Lettuce, who?” “Lettuce in, we want some salad.” LET US help build your dream vegetable garden. It’s time to get your plants in to have all the food you need for the Thanksgiving holiday. Lettuce is one of the quickest veggies, just 3 to 4 weeks and you will be picking your salad when you plant our 4...
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