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Our Fall Availability- What? and When?

As promised, links to all the need to know dates for flowers and herbs/veggies are here: Fall Availability- Flowers Fall Availability- Herbs and Veggies Subject to change as the result of weather, of course....
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Mum’s the Word! Get Your Garden Growing

Our seasons are a’ changing, and as I sit to write this, the Harvest Moon is unveiling herself in full glory. Fall mums are ready, a clear sign we are heading for cooler temperatures in the coming weeks! This weekend, Fall will officially begin with the autumnal equinox on September 22nd. The Harvest Moon’s name comes from an era before electrical lights where the moonlight...
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Tropical Fruit-A-Week Series: Bountiful, Beautiful Mulberry

There’s nothing like sitting under the Mulberry tree and eating sweet berries all afternoon! Cold-hardy and drought-resistant, Mulberry grows fast and produces tons of fruit. Once this tree is established, it needs only an occasional dose of fertilizer. Plant your Mulberry tree in full sun in a well-drained area of the garden. We carry 3 varieties: Everbearing, Giant, and my favorite, the Pakistan. The Everbearing...
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