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Tropical Fruit-A-Week Series: Go Bananas!

Bananas are very easy to grow in Florida! Most varieties fruit within the year. Bananas grow nicely in wet areas. They are heavy feeders and any balanced fertilizer will work for them. Bananas can be planted in full sun or partial shade. Plant one Banana “Tree” (not really a tree, but an herbaceous plant) and you will have fruit every year!  We carry 4 varieties....
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The Sky is Alive with Butterflies! from Marvin

We have arrived at that time of year when everything comes together beautifully and mystical creatures take to the sky— the butterflies. Terri and I spent some of last weekend north of Jensen Beach on A1A riding our bikes. The butterflies were everywhere! In some moments, the Great Southern Whites were circling us both as we rode. The Whites’ habitat is only on the coast...
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