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Indoor plants and health

When I tell you that the air inside your home is likely to be 5 -10 times more polluted than the air outside, you may find that hard to believe. After all, our energy efficient homes are good for the environment, how could they be bad for our health?  Unfortunately, as we have become more energy efficient, we have actually created an airtight setting where...
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Pointsettia care

To maximize the color process, it is best to keep the plants in bright but indirect sunlight in the day (6 hour min) with complete darkness at night (out of street lights, landscape lights and other forms of man made lights). Complete darkness is required for optimal color, as poinsettias are photoperiodic. The poinsettia should be watered frequently, but only when the soil no longer FEELS moist...
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Grafted Tomatoes

Pinder’s Nursery grafted tomatoes are stronger, faster, more able to fend off foes than regular tomato plants- and their yields are bigger! Grafted tomatoes go above and beyond by defending against pests (here in our area that is important because these plants are resistant to nematods), diseases, temperature extremes and poor soil while producing long, abundant harvests of tasty fruit! Grafting works by joining the top part...
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