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Spring Green

Do you remember the Crayola color “Spring Green”? It is the color of the flush of new growth (incited by rising temperatures and longer hours of daylight)- all soft and tender. This is a signal that “Dinner is Served” and provides a banquet feast to the pesties that make their way in this world by piercing and sucking the juice out of your plants. Or...
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Geraniums For Your Zone 10 Garden

Geraniums are one of the best bedding plants you could choose for South Florida. And we make it our business to choose the best geraniums for your use. Well suited to windy, dry and high light environments, geraniums’ exceptional salt tolerance make them a particularly good choice for coastal plantings. They are also terrific in containers of any size. Some folks are concerned with what...
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Weird Winter Weather

What’s a gardener to do? On the one hand we advise not to feed or prune when there is still a possibility of frost looming. On the other hand, your garden is probably in full bloom (or something approaching full bloom) Right now in early February! While this particular set of winter circumstances may be different for you, one thing you can always count on:...
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