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4 star Hummingbird garden “Why do they like red?”

So why is it the Hummingbirds typically demonstrate a preference for red blooms? The answer is the product of generations of natural selection. You see, a hummingbird must expend a great deal of energy flapping those wings as it forages for nectar. The more successful those foraging efforts–measured as volume of nectar collected/energy expended—the more likely that particular hummingbird will live to maturity in order...
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Timely Tips Week 46

Get out and plant! One of the most confusing things about gardening in Zone 10 Florida is when to plant your bedding plants. Well the time is NOW! The second most confusing thing to Florida gardeners is what is an “annual” and what is “perennial”. We find that so many folks who choose to plant flowers believe they are getting a better value with “perennials”...
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Timely Tips Week 45

For those of us who dwell in zone 10 year round, the late summer (August through September) is our “dormant” season. The temperatures and humidity is so high then, without even a night time respite for your plants that many just stall. “Stall” is the technical term a grower uses for an uncooperative plant, one that despite your best efforts in providing an optimal environment...
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