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Pests, Death and Fruiting … lessons from a newbie

ok.. so.. I was SO excited planting my new baby plants! Then a few weeks ago BAM! disease and pests! BAh…. so I talked to Terri and asked what to do.. For the pests and she told me to use Hi Yield and Garden-ville’s Potassium Bicarbonate for the mold issue. Now don’t use them TOGETHER, use one and then use the other. Of course that seems easy...
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Magnet Works (flags & mats)

We are very pleased to carry a new line from a company called Magnet Works. We will be featuring their small and larger flags which are made from their exclusive SolarSilk® polyester fabric, they’re 40% heavier and more durable than typical flags, yet softer and silkier for better drape and movement in the breeze. They are permanently dyed using state-of-the-art two-sided dye-sublimation for more vivid colors, better...
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Timely Tips for Week 43-44

So here we are at the tail end of our rainy season and it seems the precipitation fairies are seeking to get the most out of this season as they can. I simply can’t recall a recent wet season that has been as wet as the 2012 season has been. While this is good news for us with regard to our aquifers being adequately recharged,...
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