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Don’t give up on your veggies!

I’ve been struggling with some of my veggies. As I mentioned I killed the zucchini plant as it’s NOT a vine and I tried to make it go up a trellis. Although I sprayed all the plants for mold and insect problems my cucumber plant’s lower section looks like a hot mess of disease, which to me spells trouble and death. However I took some...
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How to have a 4 star Hummingbird garden

Certain plants will make your garden irresistible to Hummingbirds. There are some good sites for reliable information about hummingbirds. We recommend Hummingbird Society  (Hummingbirds 101) and Par A Sol (who offers a wide range of feeders that are made from blown glass and other recycled material). But when it comes to choosing Florida Friendly Plants, the Transplanted Gardener is best served by a LOCAL grower who knows what...
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Pests, Death and Fruiting … lessons from a newbie

ok.. so.. I was SO excited planting my new baby plants! Then a few weeks ago BAM! disease and pests! BAh…. so I talked to Terri and asked what to do.. For the pests and she told me to use Hi Yield and Garden-ville’s Potassium Bicarbonate for the mold issue. Now don’t use them TOGETHER, use one and then use the other. Of course that seems easy...
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