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A New Year’s Cold Coming

Looks like we are going to start this year off with a bit of a scramble! After all the predictions for a mild winter we are facing a sudden drop in temperatures this evening into Tuesday morning and continuing through Wednesday morning. This on the heels of 75-degree days which is always risky business for us in Zone 10 Florida. You see, like cold-blooded animals,...
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So Many Species: Coleus at Floriculture Field Day

As promised, I will be making a few entries about what we discovered at the Floriculture Field Days held at Disney’s Epcot last month. The event is coordinated by Florida Nurseries, Growers & Landscape Association and entails the collaboration of many industry professionals: breeders, growers and landscape folks, as well as the horticulture staff at Disney. Of course a field trial in Central Florida in...
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So Many Species, So Little time

Just how is a grower to choose? With new varieties being selected, hybridized, packaged and marketed, how does a grower sift through the options, lay aside the personal bias and select the right plants to offer their customers? Well, by trial of course! We have our own beds, plots and containers where we try out new varieties (or old ones never tried in Zone 10...
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