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January is the one true month of winter in your Zone 10, South Florida Garden. You can figure if there is going to be cold, odds are it will be cold in January. So if you must retreat indoors, take measures to filter the air you will be breathing.  NASA research has shown the positive health effects of incorporating living, breathing plants in your interior...
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Mid-Winter Relief comes in Small Packages , JANUARY 2011

I have been suffering a true winter this year! I started it off with a head cold at Thanksgiving, which I just couldn’t shake. It never really left me, just evolved into a sleep-shattering cough and bronchitis.  This dragging around in my PJs has been punctuated by blast after blast of Arctic Air! Ugh, my back yard looks like a nuclear wasteland! But as sure...
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What to Notice In Your Winter Solstice Garden , DECEMBER 2010

I know this is a crazy-busy week for many folks, and you don’t need another thing to think about, but I just wanted to remind you that December 21st was the Winter Solstice.  Often referred to as the “shortest day of the year” or “the first day of winter”, the Winter Solstice is one of four cardinal events in our journey ’bout the sun each...
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