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So Many Species, So Little time

Just how is a grower to choose? With new varieties being selected, hybridized, packaged and marketed, how does a grower sift through the options, lay aside the personal bias and select the right plants to offer their customers? Well, by trial of course! We have our own beds, plots and containers where we try out new varieties (or old ones never tried in Zone 10...
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Bromeliads for E-Z Care Garden Design

Looking for low-impact landscaping that adds color and drama to your garden design? Look at the WOW FACTOR you can achieve with a collection of bromeliads! What’s cool about these epiphytic phenoms is that you can select varieties to fit most any micro-climate in your yard, and they require little to no effort on your part to maintain. The trick is to lean on the...
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Resolve to Spend More Quality Time With Someone You Love? Back-Yard Birding is the Perfect Shared Activity!, FEBRUARY 2011

Looking for an adventure the whole family can enjoy together? A way to get your partner up off the sofa? Birding has got to be one of the greatest gifts of living in Florida. And the winter months bring us a particularly wonderful experience.  An activity that can be easily enjoyed from your kitchen window, all you need is a few pointers on how to...
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