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Gifting a Love Garden

Many years ago, I was a Florida transplant and I met Terri Pinder, who effortlessly turned me on to gardening. She said one sentence that I have repeated so many times, as though my own thought:  gardening is the most equitable thing one can do. It stuck in my head and cajoled me to try to prove it. A couple weeks later, I purchased a beautiful piece of Champa...
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Pick Your Peppers

Pepper plants are popping onto the sales floor starting this weekend! We love growing all sorts of peppers in our own gardens so naturally, we want to help you grow your own. They’re pretty, nutritious, and there are so many ways to enjoy them- in salads, sautéed, grilled, stuffed, pickled, or plucked and tasted right in the garden! Whether you love sweet, spicy, or ornamental,...
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Lettuce Say: The Time to Plant Veggies is Now

Let- Us help build your dream vegetable garden! Did you know that we select and grow every herb and veggie we sell at the nursery? Growing edibles happens to be one of our favorites and we are grateful to share the hows and whys with you! Right now is the time to pick your plants and start your garden so that you will have what...
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