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LATE SPRING IN A ZONE 10 GARDEN: Moving into Florida’s “Wet Season”, 2010

To everything there is a season. And now is the season of renewal-Spring. This year it is particularly welcomed because we had a REAL winter! So now you will notice your garden coming alive, and you will find yourself with a few hours of evening daylight to enjoy garden even more. You will have noticed some flushing green growth, and maybe a couple of changes...
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I love the late spring. All the busy-ness of early spring gives way to the flush of fragrant blooms, promising fruit to savor in the coming months.  The pace of work has slowed just as you were hitting your stride, so you can coast just a tiny bit.  Perhaps indulge in a class by the lake at our Community Garden Center? Stop in for that...
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I  am the sort of gardener who spends most of my time wandering my garden, day-dreaming about what I want it to be. Occasionally pulling a weed here or there, trimming off a wayward branch, collecting flowers for a vase and dead-heading geraniums.  Then, periodically, I will burst forth with a campaign of clean-up and re-do. Now is the time for such a campaign. Try...
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