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I love the lessons I learn from the garden. Each season brings another set of tasks to be done in anticipation of what the next season can hold, while all the while having to contend with the consequences of the previous season. For us this summer that means we need to look forward to a fall season full of possibility, while recognizing that we are...
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It’s a Time of Transitions and Traditions as we Celebrate Grads & Dads! JUNE,2010

How easy it is to get knocked off center by life’s transitions. And how powerful family traditions can be to bring you back to balance. I have recently been struggling with ambivalence born of my two daughters’ graduations. The younger of the two, Kenleigh, graduated last month from South Fork High School, and my oldest child, Hilary, graduated from Eckerd College in May. It seems...
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LATE SPRING IN A ZONE 10 GARDEN: Moving into Florida’s “Wet Season”, 2010

To everything there is a season. And now is the season of renewal-Spring. This year it is particularly welcomed because we had a REAL winter! So now you will notice your garden coming alive, and you will find yourself with a few hours of evening daylight to enjoy garden even more. You will have noticed some flushing green growth, and maybe a couple of changes...
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