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Tomato Talk

The elusive tomato.  That garden great we all long to pick and slice immediately.  The RIGHT tomato!  There are so many choices when it comes to those red, yellow, black, green, orange, purple, pink, cherry, plum, grape, saladette, large, indeterminate, and determinate berries.  Marvin’s sharing the “101” on how to decide what tomato you are going to grow this Fall.  One of the most important...
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Time for Mums

This year, for only the third year in a verrry long time, Pinder’s Nursery is growing mums!  With Ian out of college and back in Martin County, Marvin has the assistant grower he needs to produce beefy, hardy mums, perfect for adding Fall Splendor to your garden.  Chrysanthemums are a crop that require a specific schedule.  Since this is the major planting season for us as growers,...
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Another Lesson Learned in the Garden

Some years my Summer garden is magnificent, utterly sublime, painstakingly tended, watered and cared for.  Other years, it is lovely, and I look forward to returning home to it after work each day, and I spend the weekends in it, and it keeps me grounded.  This year, well, it just wasn’t much of anything, to be honest. Sometimes I stop and reflect on last year’s...
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