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Summertime Q&A

We recently asked Marvin, our grower and very favorite plantsman, some timely and oft-asked questions.  Read on to discover some helpful tips and answers that are certain to guide you through the remainder of Summer. Q:  These frequent rainstorms have caused some of my plants to get slimy near the base.  The lower part of the plant and the soil don’t get enough time to...
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Everyone Loves Palm Trees! A Great Guide to Self-Cleaning Palms

Pretty your place with Palms! This wouldn’t be Florida without the waving fronds of the tropical palms. Palms are the easiest way to “tropicalize” your garden and give great shade but also allow the breeze to flow through. Always fertilize your palms with a palm fertilizer 3 to 4 times a year in the warmer months. Most gardeners prefer self-cleaning palms. Self-cleaning means that they...
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Summer Projects

Summer calls for picnics, pauses, and projects. Not rushed, drudgery projects but the kind of projects we want to do, on our own schedules. A schedule that moves at the speed we wish Summer moved, slooooowwwwly. A few weeks ago, I had a visitor who pulled into my western Massachusetts driveway by complete surprise. I was out on the porch watering my petunias and dahlias...
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