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Bulbs are Blooming!

Often, one of the first questions that a transplanted gardener asks us is “do tulips and daffodils grow here?”  They don’t and you’ll only miss them for a little while!  Around here, we have some pretty glorious flowering bulbs that will make you beam!  We’re talking about Amaryllis, Asiatic Lilies, Cannas, Blood Lilies, and the remarkably cool Caladiums that may not flower but sure grab...
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Butterfly Beauty: The Swallowtail

This past week I have noticed more Swallowtails in flight that we’ve seen since last Fall.  The Swallowtail is one of the largest, and some would say the most beautiful, of all the Florida butterflies. There are ten Swallowtails that are native to Florida. All but the Polydamas have tails!  They rely on their tails to draw the attention of predators, mostly birds, away from...
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Milkweed Butterflies

The wild look of your butterfly garden delights the most common butterfly in North America, the Monarch. Year-round residents in our area, Monarchs can be lured to your garden with a patch of tall milkweed. This is the only food source that larvae will eat and the plants can be devoured in a matter of days by hungry caterpillars. Milkweed, Pentas, Lantana, Spanish Nettle, Porterweed,...
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