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Mighty Mints

Mints give you the cool, refreshing feeling of a wintry day.  Mint is one of the fastest growing herbs!  When planting in the garden all mints should be given a lot of room and water.   Mint prefers a shady spot and is often planted in a pot to contain its mighty spreading habit. We grow many flavors to choose from: spearmint, peppermint, orange mint, chocolate...
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These Times

I may not be alone when I confess to finding more stress in the world today than I did when I first began my gardening adventures back in 2005.  Since then I have come back to the garden for fuel, meditation, beauty, and all forms of stress reduction.  Having a dual purpose (creation of a peaceful outdoor space and ease from overwhelm) has always helped...
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It’s a great time to start your strawberry garden on the Treasure Coast. Plants will fruit through April with lots of red juicy fruit picked from your very own garden.  Plant in Marvin’s Magic Mix in full sun and watch them grow.  Two to three plants in at least a 12” pot.  Most strawberry plants will shoot off runners and create new plants.  Most gardeners...
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