Rediscovering Spring, From: Kisti

I have lived in Florida on and off since 2001, and consistently since 2005, so I have nearly forgotten the signs of Spring that excited and inspired me in Massachusetts.  In Florida, it’s about color, abundant, striking color– color that you don’t have to wait to see pop out of the ground in quite the same way!  One day my garden has the Winter blues and I am buried under thoughts of Spring-cleaning projects, and the next the three orchids I had tucked away are suddenly smiling brilliant grins at me; the garden of the florist who lives across the parking lot is pristine so his Azaleas can shine; oak pollen is blowing over the lawn; and the scent of orange blossoms seems to be coming from everywhere.  Spring is sweetly sauntering in and every year we are seduced by her.

I have definitely let my Winter garden go more than usual this year , and it’s in pretty sad shape, nothing a Spring clean and an infusion of color can’t fix, but I needed some inspiration.  Sunday, I took my baby girl to Pinder’s for a stroll.  The day was Spring-perfect and the sights and sounds were superb.  I felt like I was rediscovering all of the moments that make welcoming Spring in Florida so special.

Some inspiration from our Spring Stroll…


Bromeliads looking amazing in the raised garden


Spring Chickens


This lovely pale pink rose peeking through the green reminded me of Spring in Massachusetts


Fun garden accessories caught Baby Betsy’s eye


Marvin’s Geraniums look gorgeous in Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall


The Brazilian cloak in the shade took my breath away!


A creative use of a broken pot- very inspiring!


A great contained shade garden


This beautiful stone cherub has his arms full of Spring beauties!


New Arrival! These globes glow in the dark!


A colorful thinking spot on the front porch


Spring snoozer


Thank you for the sweet signs of Spring!



A walk up the runway past this wall of great low-light lovers