What to Plant in June?

Bedding plants can be planted this month for color. There are so many that can take the coming heat, like hearty purslane and portulaca, so don’t hesitate to spruce up your space before cookout season starts.

There are fantastic Herbs that love the Summer heat. They can be planted now and eaten shortly thereafter! Use herbs like Mexican Tarragon, Rosemary and Oregano in your Summer garden and inspire some al fresco meals!

Palm Trees can also be planted now. They thrive in the warmth and the rainy months are always great for adding something large to your landscape. The rain takes some of the pressure off of you, as larger plants need frequent water when they are first transplanted from nursery container to your space.

Bromeliads and Succulents are great for bringing interesting color to any garden, and Summer is a fine time to get some in the ground. They are easy to maintain, need little water, and can take the heat!

Fruit trees are an excellent addition to your landscape because they provide you with delicious food that is perfect for Summer snacking and many can also provide shade.  We have a wide variety of tropical fruit trees and a lot of information on how to plant and grow them.


If you have any questions about Summer Gardening, ask us! We would love to help make your garden become what you dream it to be!

How about some Starfruit for your Garden?