Tropical Fruit Faves- Lychee

The lychee is one of the most delicious dooryard fruits that you can grow in South Florida.  One of our family’s favorite trips is to Homestead in early June to find the fruit.  The tree is a fairly slow grower but can make a beautiful small shade tree in full sun.  Plant in a well-drained area and fertilize lightly until the tree becomes established. This is a cold tolerant and pest-free tree. The only issue with the lychee is that it fruits irregularly from one year to the next.  Varieties that are great are Hak Ip, Brewster, Mauritius, and Sweet Heart. Typically, plants found at nurseries are air layers so they will flower and fruit the very first year!
If you ever had the chance to taste the fruit, you will never forget how delicious they are!  This is a great time of year to establish a lychee tree in your garden.