Creepy Garden Favorites

Halloween is on the way and this holiday puts a spotlight (or a shadow)
on some of the spooky, quirky, cool plants we can decorate with! 
These are a few of the creepy plants that serve to stir up conversation all over the garden!

Carnivorous plants, like Sarracenia, or pitcher plants, certainly bring the fear factor! They are interesting and odd and when we have them in the shop, people pay them so much attention! Carnivorous plants acquire
their nutrition from consuming insects or small animals. They trap their pray in their leaves in a pool of liquid. They need sun and good water
and they are very happy to hang out in our climate.

What’s a spooky plant collection without the original Little Horror, the
Venus Fly Trap? Venus Fly Traps are very smart plants. Also carnivorous, they open and trap when their tiny hairs are triggered by an insect. They are actually very beautiful with the chartreuse and raspberry coloring,
but they will definitely turn heads and give goosebumps in your
Halloween garden.