We Planted Our Veggies!

Earlier this week at the nursery, we prepped our beds by adding organic soils and fertilizers and yesterday we planted the first veggie plants of the season. Lettuce, Pac Choi, Broccoli, Cabbage and many more were planted, watered in, and put to bed for the night. Planting late in the afternoon helps the little veggie starts manage the stress from being planted, because they don’t have to wait long for the break from the heat.  Water immediately after transplanting and watch them grow!  Remember, don’t plant the whole garden at one time, leave some room to plant more in a couple of weeks so that you have continuous food.  Below are some pictures of our crew planting the veggie garden on Tuesday. This time of year it is possible for your plants to double in size every week with proper water and fertilizer!

*We’re allowed to apply fertilizer again as of October 1st. We’ll help you find the best for your garden.


20141007_135343 (480x640)

Adding organic chicken manure.

Tilling organic soil and manure in to our beds.

Tilling organic soil and manure in to our beds.

Cukes- just planted

Cucumbers- just planted!