Bee the Pollinator

Are you noticing that your zucchini is not developing?  Here is a trick to get lots of fruit from cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, cantaloupe, and pumpkins.  With the decline of the bee population, you’re the next best pollinator around!  Most flowers become mature or receptive in the early morning and pollen must be transferred to the stigma of the female flower.  A small paint brush or a Q-tip can be used to collect the pollen by rubbing on the male part (stamen) and then rubbing the female part (stigma).  Note that the female flower will be attached to the immature fruit and the male will have only the flower attached to a thin stem.  Flowers are only open for one day, so plan and be quick.  Pollen from the same type of plant must be used.

With zucchini, the fruit will be ready to pick 10-14 days after pollination.  You can have flowers opening almost every day, so act like a bee and enjoy.

Tools for the Tast- a tiny paintbrush or q-tip works well.

Tools for the Task- a tiny paintbrush or q-tip works well.


Pollinating with a paintbrush.