Pick Your Peppers

Pepper plants are popping onto the sales floor starting this weekend! We love growing all sorts of peppers in our own gardens so naturally, we want to help you grow your own. They’re pretty, nutritious, and there are so many ways to enjoy them- in salads, sautéed, grilled, stuffed, pickled, or plucked and tasted right in the garden! Whether you love sweet, spicy, or ornamental, we have the pepper for you!
Better Belle- a fast growing bell pepper
Big Bertha- an elongated bell pepper, plan to stake this plant
California Wonder- a flavorful, dependable bell pepper
Cubanella- mild, sweet, colorful
Gong- a productive plant, hot, small peppers, Thai-type
Jalapeno- green, spicy, widely used
Orange Sun Bell- pretty, tasty orange bells
Sweet Banana- banana-shaped, prolific and tasty
Tabasco- juicy chili pepper, bushy plant
For adventurous eaters, we will have our verrrry hot peppers coming out soon!
Plant peppers in a sunny location in rich, well-drained soil. You can fertilize at the time of planting with a slow-release feed. Soil should be kept moist, but not wet. When peppers are firm, pick them so your plants will produce more! Peppers do well planted in large containers and can also be planted in the ground. Remember to stake larger plants to help prevent broken branches. We use non-gmo seeds to grow our pepper plants and we carry varieties that are Florida-friendly and heat-tolerant so you’re likely to have great success growing them! Don’t hesitate to pick a pepper or two!