Veggie Dreams

Dreaming of an abundant veggie garden?  We can help you plant it. Here’s what you should think about:
* What space you have to work with (large or small?  what veggies and varieties are the right size for the space?);
* What the soil is like in that space and how to make it better if it needs improvement (ask us about amendments and why Marvin’s Mix is so magic);
* The light level in your space (veggies need sunlight as one of their foods!);
* What your family will eat (if you eat salad every night, plant multiple varieties of lettuce, for example.  Use your garden as a way to save on the grocery bill); and
* How much to grow.

We will carry all the veggies you love and we have so many varieties!  We’re also veggie growers ourselves, so we share our successes and pitfalls while helping you grow your best garden ever!  It won’t be long until our benches are packed with veggie 4-packs, so planning now pays off.

If you’re new to veggie gardens, new to Florida, or you would love a refresher, be on the lookout in the next few weeks for our FREE Dirt-to-Plate Workshop.  We cover all the basics of growing edibles in your own backyard or in containers!